The meaning of Aloha

Now if you are a proper haole or white person, which clearly I am, you might think that aloha is simply the Hawaiian word for hello, but you would be wrong.  What I learned on a dock in Honolulu is that Aloha is the spirit of kindness and generosity toward all people that for some reason is overflowing in Hawaii.  After spending a couple of hours shooting in the commercial fish auction I walked out on the dock and met Kenton and his crew who had just pulled up with a boat full of fish.  After spending a good long time shooting the shit about the fishing industry, surface diving, kids and our youthful indiscretions, my girl asks innocently enough, “Where do you go for sushi in Honolulu?”  Kenton looks at her and says, “Well, I don’t but I got a boat-full of Ahi.  You want some?”  When someone offers you Ahi that’s been out of the ocean for 18 hours, there is only one answer.  So Kenton pulls out a knife, gloves and a sizable whole fish and proceeds to skin it and hack off about 10 lbs. of the freshest fish I think I’ve ever seen.  Then out comes a 5 gallon bucket full of ice, ziplock bags and back to the hotel we went.  When I called my Hawaiian friend to invite him over for a massive sashimi feast and told him the story he said only one word;  ALOHAAAAAA!  And that’s when I got it.

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  • Carol Waters

    nice story, you met a fine young man, glad to know him.

    October 27, 2013

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