Ed Holcomb

Ed Holcomb - Financial Analyst

Barry Sternlicht

Barry Sternlicht - Chairman/CEO of Starwood Hotels

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper - CNN Anchor

Hank McKinnnel

Hank McKinnel - Former CEO of Pfizer

Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes - You've heard of him

Randy Rothenberg

Randy Rothenberg - President CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau

Robert Knakal

Robert Knakal - Co-Chairman of Massey Knakal Real Estate

Robert Greifeld

Robert Greifeld - CEO of NASDAQ

Michael Mauboussin

Michael Mauboussin - Author and expert in behavorial finance and Chief Investment Strategist at Legg Mason

Mia Bauer

Mia Bauer - Co-Founder of Crumbs Bake Shop

Joe Adachi

Joe Adachi - CEO of Canon

Dr. Marc Grodman

Dr. Marc Grodman - President and CEO of Bio-Reference Labs

Stephen L. Green

Stephen L. Green - Founder of S. L. Green Realty, Manhattan's largest owner of office buildings.

Charlie Apt

Charlie Apt and F. W. Pearce - Owners of Ciao Bella Gleato

Louise Frechette

Louise Frechette - Former United Nations Deputy Secretary-General

Enex Steele

Enex Steele - Deposed CEO of the American Federation of Musicians

Crilio Rosado

Crilio Rosado

Jeffrey Danzer

Jeffrey Danzer - Founder and CEO at BrandAxion

Rachel Robbins

Rachel Robbins - General Counsel and Executive Vice President NYSE

Cokie Roberts

Cokie Roberts - Political Commentator for ABC News, Emmy Award winning Journalist and best selling Author

Kevin Brickner

Kevin Brickner
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