My favorite state

The last time I read the statistics, New Mexico and West Virginia were running neck and neck for the honor of being the most depressed state in the country.  I’ve been to every state at least once, and most of them too many times.  Hawaii is beautiful and I love hanging out with my friend Dewey and his horses and 650 head of cattle in South Dakota and I turn every miserable trip to Vegas into an excuse to go to California to Death Valley.  For some reason I just love New Mexico.  It’s not something that I think about often but I was having drinks with a friend who is planning a trip there and realized that I had to scan and post images of the VLA (Very Large Array)  in order to convince her to go way out of the way to see it.  I couldn’t articulate it at the time but the beauty of that part of the world lies in what you catch in the corner of your eye as you are balling the jack down the highway just before you spin around to find out what it was.  And yes, that is a dead cow missing her head.

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