Ghost Limb

So it must have been 1990 when my asshole roommate, 22 years later, my best friend, and I were trecking around our newly adopted city during one of those lovely snow/sleet/rain days.  Dinkins was the mayor, the trains were still painted, the streets filthy and completely unsafe for anyone in their late teens and we loved it.  Every turn of a corner held new promise.  An incredible urban vista or total decay and wreckage.  We were fascinated with both.  Times Square feels like a ghost limb at this point.  Hell, even the New York Times is no longer there and Smith’s Bar is a tourist destination.


No, this isn’t Jon Hamm (AKA Don Draper.)  The story is actually much more interesting.  This is Mike X, Jon’s bastard, half brother, born to another mother in Connecticut in the early 1970’s.  His actual date of birth is unknown since he was abandoned in a Lucky Strikes shipping container on the doorstep of the Mancuso family who naturally took him in and raised him as their own.  Jon and Mike’s relationship is, shall we say, strained at best.

La Carrera 01

I think we could call this a new definition of rolling up your shirtsleeves and getting into your work.  Shot during La Carrera Panamericana, the historic Mexican road rally.

Ryan and Mike

Not sure why cigarettes seem to be a theme today.  This one was one of those rare occasions where you just pick up the camera and the image makes itself.  Maybe HCB was looking over my shoulder, or perhaps the Force was just very strong with me that day.  The guy in the background was the wedding photographer who was clearly enjoying himself more than he was working.


Hadley Outside

Now I do blame digital photography for the demise of my industry and for creating such a flood of images that is in effect making the general viewing public less and less visually literate.  But there really is something to be said for having a little 3 mp snappy cam in your pocket at midnight that lets you pull of something like this.

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