I don’t always get DJ culture.  Usually it’s just some dork with eclectic taste playing one record after another, or they run everything off of the laptop while they check their stock portfolio, er . . . while they check Facebook.  But Questlove and I must be the same age because he was playing all of the most epic tracks from my childhood.  The twelves were bumping and unlike any typical booze industry event, everyone was getting down, even me.  Not the friendliest man on the planet, but he is from Philly so he gets a pass until I meet him again.


According to Wikipedia and David Cook:

When applied to the cinema, mise-en-scène refers to everything that appears before the camera and its arrangement—compositionsets,propsactors, costumes, and lighting.

Now one of the many things that I really enjoy about shooting in, and around the world of mixology, is that the mise-en-scène makes it much easier to pull off really cool shit.  How can you go wrong with the backgrounds of the New York Public Library, a distillery and the consummately delightful, entertaining Theo Lieverman of Milk & Honey fame?  




Deal with the devil?

I have to admit, I’m flummoxed.  I photographed Dale Degroff, the anointed King of Cocktails, probably 10 years ago.  He was looking pretty good considering his age and the occupational hazards of the craft that he has championed.  Then I had the pleasure of running into him again at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic on Friday night and I’ll be damned if he didn’t look younger and healthier!  Must be all that clean living, or he made a deal with the guy downstairs.


Yeah, I stole that Negroni

I found myself at a cocktail seminar led by the “Modern Mixologist” and all-around amazingly great guy Tony Abou-Ganim.  I’ve  been dogging his tail from Tales of the Cocktail to the Manhattan Cocktail Classic for a couple of years now and perhaps I was taking liberties with our friendship, but he happened to “misplace” this Negroni and I ended up with it in the back of the room, trying to shoot and delicately sip at the same time.

Tony:  “I don’t know what just happened but someone stole my Negroni.   Andrew?”

Andrew:  “Yo Tony, I had nutin’ to do wit that.

I’m pretty sure we’re still friends.

Ghost Limb Redux

If you missed the original “Ghost Limb” post, please click the blog button in the upper right corner and scroll down.

I hate to be that New Yorker who laments the good old days of dudes hustling 3 card monte on Broadway, crack vials paving the streets and stepping over junkies to get into my building on Ave C . . . but I am.  I’m all for progress, and I understand that cities are constantly changing organisms, but come on.  Anyone who drives in Manhattan will tell you that turning Broadway in Times Square into a pedestrian mall was one of the biggest, dumb-ass urban planning initiatives since Robert Moses.  I might not have nailed the exact location for these then-and-now images, but you get the idea.

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