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I love my neighborhood.  I’ve lived on the Lower East Side since 1989 and haven’t wavered in my love affair with it for a moment in spite of gentrification and the destination bars that have regrettably put the neighborhood on the front pages of tabloids on a regular basis.  So when Keith McNally, a restranteur I love for having opened the Odeon in the 1980’s, opened yet another restaurant called Schiller’s a block from my late 19th century, tenement apartment, I was incensed.  I saw it as the beginning of the end and the ultimate expression of bourgoise imperialism.  I refused to set foot in the place until one fateful night when I left the house with my girl during a biblical rainstorm.  She was wearing a tiny skirt and impossibly high heels which necissitated that I put her on my hip and walk her over the small lakes that were forming on every corner.  When we hit the corner of Rivington and Norfolk, I nodded at Schiller’s and we went in.  The impossibly charming Henry Hargraves was tending bar, we stayed for hours, ate, drank, fell in love with the room, but much more so with the people pictured here.


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Sputnik the band, not the dog

Sputnik the band, not the dog

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Gosia primping

Gosia primping

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  • jaz

    ahhhh… i heart schillers. there is no place quite like it. many many laughs, incredible margaritas & good people. wish i could remember half the hysterical conversations & find the artwork jules & i created at the bar night after night. a phase of my life i remember very fondly xx

    March 6, 2013
  • David Klein

    Nicely captured, and not just because I’m one of those you captured in one of my favorite Lower East Side haunts. Kind of a shock to think Schillers has been around long enough to have so many original folks now so far-flung. I’m glad that early Schillers moment is here for posterity.

    March 7, 2013
  • Schillers was one of those spots that I will always remember from those halcyon days in your hood a few years ago. It was always jammed with people but worth squeezing on to a bar seat every time!

    March 10, 2013

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